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The History of The New Federation

Founding and Early History

Harrat founded the New Federation on 2005.05.26 as a corporation for his friends and real-life family that played EvE online together. Harrat wanted to provide a welcoming and safe environment for his fellow players, and so The New Federation was born.

The New Federation was a small corporation, never growing to more than 40 members. While the corporation was small, Harrat joined other players and formed an alliance called Detrimental Imperative. Detrimental Impertive was a low-sec specific alliance that grew to about 400 members.

In 2020, Detrimental Impertive disbanded, and most players took a hiatus from EvE online. Harrat did not start the Detrimental imperative but was a director and played a major role in the alliance.


In 2022, Harrat returned to the game and started rebuilding The New Federation. He found the changes in the game took months of understanding and focused recruitment for The New Federation on returning players. This reinvigoration and new excitement has driven The New Federation to desire a large membership while still focusing on the main ideas behind the corporation formation.

In May 2022, The new federation joined a 7-month-old alliance in Cloud Ring called "Shadow Ultimatum". As of February 2023, Shadow ultimatum holds sovereignty in 23 systems and is becoming a major influencer in Eve online with over 1600 members. Additionally, Shadow ultimatum is part of the Imperium Coalition, one of the game's most influential coalitions.

Mission Statement

The New federation has never been a large corporation but has recently doubled down recruiting efforts and increased its plans for the future while still maintaining the main mantra that Eve is a game, and "real life" always comes first. Building camaraderie and social interaction is essential to our corp.

The New Federation aims to provide all players a safe and welcoming environment. We have a variety of activities and fleets, ranging from small gangs to significant fleet battles. We also offer support, such as learning fleets and newbro fleets. We strive to help our members improve and grow, both in and out of the game.

We also believe in having fun and enjoying the game. We have a variety of player events and activities, ranging from pub stomps to movie nights, to ensure that our members want the game and build friendships.

Benefits of Joining

The New Federation provides many benefits to its members, ranging from in-game to out-of-game benefits.

In-game benefits include access to the Shadow Ultimatum alliance, which holds sovereignty in 23 systems in the Cloud Ring region. Members also receive access to fleets and activities and support such as newbro fleets and learning fleets.

Out-of-game benefits include access to a Discord server, where members can chat and get help from each other. 


The New Federation is looking for new members to join our growing corporation. We seek active, dedicated players willing to learn and help the corp grow. We prefer players who have some experience with the game, but are willing to help new players learn.

If you want to join The New Federation, please visit our recruitment page at https://tnfeve.com/recruitment.